Traditional Hcg Diet Analysis

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Questioning the traditional HCG Diet by Dr. Simeons

Below are what we found to be the inadequacies of the traditional diet and the areas we believe were in most need of revision. We not arguing the effectiveness of the traditional diet, as millions have had tremendous success with it. In fact, we've had many clients tell me that the HCG diet changed their lives. However, we've also had many clients walk out of our office and many drops out of the program because they’ve found the diet to be too unrealistic. A greater number have said they’d come back at a later date when they had more time and could make it fit into their busy work, family and social schedules. Most don’t return. Let’s face it, dieting isn’t fun, but it should be embraced,
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What we’re addressing here is the all-or-nothing attitude that is portrayed in Dr. Simeons’ manuscript and nearly all of the current literature about the traditional diet. This frightens many clients away and is the typical reason most drop out before completion. Too often, clients on the traditional HCG diet will have consecutive “bad days,” and give up. That’s foolish and a by-product of this all-or-nothing mentality. People will use the word “cheat,” but it’s not a word we use. There is no “cheating” on our diet, only variations of intensity and success. Any attempt to improve your quality of life should not be feared, nor expected to end in defeat. Don’t give up! You can still have success even if you have a couple of “bad…show more content…
You may eat an equal portion size of fish one day and beef the next, but the caloric value is quite different. With beef, you’re getting roughly the same amount of protein you would in fish (value), but with almost triple the calories (expense). That’s not smart shopping. So why not make the two food items “equal?” By equal, we mean equal in calories. Two-hundred grams of white fish is roughly equal to 100 grams of chicken, which, in turn, is equal to about 80 grams of beef. If you’re a beef eater, this news may be upsetting, but it’s probably time to consider eating more fish. There are plenty of varieties, experiment until you find something you like; and give it some time. Taste is an acquired sense.

3. The inclusion of high-carb fruit items and bread sticks

In the traditional HCG diet about 200 of the 500 calories come from fruit and bread sticks, in some situation more. That leaves only 300 calories from lean protein sources. In fact, the numbers on Dr. Simeons’ diet don't even add up. Let's look at the scenario below which is an entirely allowable low-calorie day on the traditional HCG diet.

Breakfast – Nothing
Lunch - Chicken breast (100g) = 195 calories, tomato = 22 calories, apple = 72 calories, breadstick = 20

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