Hi Monerah: A Short Story

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Hi Monerah, how are you? Let 's get right to it. You know that I would never ever hurt you intentionally or I hope you know so. What happened two weeks ago was a bit over exaggerated in my opinion. We were joking and suddenly you got mad over a joke, if I didn 't know that this "" was a joke I wouldn 't have laughed about it or even sent it to you. I knew Mazen was joking about it and I thought that you would 've taken it like any other joke from any other person. You said that "he doesn 't know you and you him" and "he shouldn 't have sent something like this to someone he doesn 't know." But way before that you sent him "يالفاهر يالتسذوب" he didn 't do what you did because he knew it was a joke. Even the message you sent him afterwards was
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