Hi Tekia Case Summary

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Hi Tekia! • Constructive feedback on the Intervention Plan detailed in the Case Summary: Your decision to use a solution-focus approach with Abby seems appropriate for the behaviors she has displayed. Abby gives the impression that she is trying. I am sure she has the knowledge of what would make her life better, even though she may need considerable help describing the details of her desired life. Her willingness to consider your assistance to make home life better brings awareness that she already possesses the minimal skills necessary to create solutions for herself. The goal for Abby is for her to focus on solutions, rather than on the problems that brought her to therapy. Consider asking Abby the “miracle question”. You could start by…show more content…
This is an excellent way to build a trusting relationship with her. You asked her what coping skills she thinks she can utilize. The question prompted her to come up with her own comforting skills. She stated that she likes to journal her thoughts. You praised her for journaling her thoughts and you identified them as a great coping skill. Validating what Abby is already doing well, and acknowledging her frustrations encourages Abby to change while giving the message that you understand and care. Asking Abby what the two of you can come up with collaboratively to help make the situation at home better lets her know that she is not in this alone. Asking open-ended questions such as this, only contributes to making Abby think about better communication techniques that will work for her in her effort to make life less stressful. • Responding to the case aspect each presenter chose to share with the class for discussion in the Evaluation piece of their Case Summary: When reading the evaluation piece of your Case Summary, you had asked how to keep the client interested and focused during the session. Feeling a connection with a counselor who shows they really believe in the client and the goals they have set together is the first step in making the client more engaged in the healing process. Regularly checking your client’s progress aligned with their goals helps them to understand their progress Knowing where they are and where they still need to go will keep them motivated to continue their sessions with you. Great job! :) Thanks for sharing.
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