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In the 1600’s part of the tribe had split off from the Hidatsa and began their move, and later on in history they were known as the Crow. (2) The Crow Indian Reservation is in southeastern Montana. Crow Indians are a tribe of the northern Great Plains of the United States. The name Crow comes from the translation of the tribe’s name itself, Apsáalooke, which means children of the long-beaked bird or bird people. Their tribe name is also spelled Apsáalooke The Crow Indians had been part of the Hidatsa tribe but had broken off and found their own land. In the early 1600’s a powerful tribal leader called No Vitals had a vision that told him to take his people west into the Rocky Mountain to search for a sacred tobacco plant. (2) During the mid- 1600’s or early 1700’s about five hundred people separate from the Hidatsa to fulfill No Vital’s vision. (2) They migrated to an area near the Yellowstone River…show more content…
In sacred ceremonies the Crow wore dead birds on their head. (1) They divided into three bands with a dialect specific to each, the Kikatsa or Crow propers, The Ahanahaways and the Allakaweah. (1) The custom of the tribe in the time of mourning a warrior would cut off a number of locks off his long hair as a sign of respect for the dead. (1) Their rituals include the Sweat Lodge Ceremony, the Vision Quest and the Sun Dance Ceremony. (1) These rituals include the sacred ceremonial pipe, which is called a Calumet. (1) The religion and beliefs of the Crow are based on Animism that encompassed the spiritual or religious idea that the universe and all natural objects have souls or spirits. (1) The Great Plains tribes such as the Crow believed in Manitou, the Great Spirit. (1) The Crow used Pictograms on their clothes and tepees to convey a story through pictures and symbols that represented physical objects, people and events. (1) The Crow have many celebrations and rituals that they perform in their

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