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After Thomas Jefferson purchased the Louisiana Territory he commissioned the Corps of Discovery which was led by Meriwether Lewis and William Clark.We were on a fact finding mission to find a Northwest Passage, become friends with the Native Americans and tell them that America now owns the land, and collect information about plants and animal. The trip began in May of 1804 from St. Louis traveling to the Pacific Ocean and in September of 1806 we returned to St. Louis. On September 7,1804 we ran into an animal we named a prairie dog. It was brown except for the longer, they were gray we found it in Old baldy. When we encountered the prairie dog it went into a hole so we had to pour five barrels of water in till they came out. On August…show more content…
The Hidatsa tribe was nomadic the Hidatsa separated after quarreling over the division of a buffalo. The foods that the Hidatsa eat consist of corn, sunflowers seeds, beans, pumpkins, squash, meat, and fish. The Hidatsa tribe lived in earth lodges they were dub from the earth with a wooden domed mound built over top. The Hidatsa tribe was religious they religion was based off of Animism what they believed is that everything has a soul or spirit. Some more facts about the Hidatsa tribe are that they do sun dances and vision quests and for transportation they used small boats. Next we are going to talk about the leaders of the…show more content…
Clark was a map maker he drew all maps we have from that expedition, he also was a writer he wrote everything that they discovered down with Lewis, he also was a people person he got along with a lot of the tribes people. Clark was an enthusiastic person he was very happy and excited, Clark was also careful he made sure he made all the maps right and to write in his journal almost every day Clark made Maps so I think this would be his greatest tribute contribute to America our other leader was Lewis he had military training this means he was strong. Another skill he had was he was a good leader he control all of us and told us what to do. Another skill he had was he was good with tools he could navigate unfamiliar land with his tools. Some of Lewis traits were he was a hard worker you help move us from place to place he also he also has a keen eye could notice all the details on plants and animals one of Lewis greatest contribute to America was he found out a lot about animals and

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