Hidden Cost Of College Tuition

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*Explain picture* College can be one of the most expensive times in a person’s life, and there are a number of factors that contribute to this. Many of which, people would not even take into consideration. So it is important to understand these costs (and hidden costs) and find ways to minimize them.
College Tuition – I would be hard-pressed to find anyone who would deny that the college tuition is probably the single greatest expense in college. After all, The Tuition involves Paying for the Class, books, and other academic necessities. And to make matters worse, the cost of tuition is rising. Collegeboard.com reported that the average tuition went up 3%, even though the government reported no inflation for the rest of the economy (time.com).
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To put it simply, College students, on average, tend to sleep less, eat more, exercise less, and drink more than the average adult. These can cause health problems which can cause missed classes, depression, and a vast number of medical conditions and disorders. Overdrinking alone has injured 600,000 college students this year alone! So watching out for health habits can help save on unexpected expenses (in addition to the obvious…)
Clothing – (the concepts of clothing and socializing are very similar,
Social Life – I know that, at some point, you were expecting me to say “the cost of beer” and so I hate to disappoint, so I’ll say it: “The cost of beer.” But in all seriousness, Socializing is an important part of college life, but it can also be expensive if people go overboard. Most students graduate with over $4,000 in credit card debt. And much of this money is racked up through socializing. There are plenty of opportunities for free, on-campus events such as meet-ups, musical events, athletic events, plays, etcetera, which you can probably get in for free using your student ID.
Misc. – misc. means just that. There are always hidden expenses, so make sure to make a cushion to fall back on for such
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