Comparing Hero's Journey In The Odyssey And Star Wars

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When people think of heroes, their minds jump from Odysseus to Cam Newton. Why? These two come from different cultures, different time periods, and even different universes or realities. On one hand, Odysseus battled mythical monsters in the Mediterranean Sea for 20 years, while Cam Newton played football on the Auburn Plains for 4 years. However, both will be remembered for their legacies – Odysseus in the Iliad and Odyssey, Cam in the Raine room (Auburn hall of awards) – and for performing miraculous feats for the something greater than themselves.
A few years ago, in Latin class, we studied the Hero’s Journey. We examined the Odyssey and Star Wars, comparing the main characters and their plotlines. After the unit, we recognized all notorious …show more content…

Specifically, my parents sacrifice thousands of dollars a year, sending my sister and me to a private school. They choose to buy me new clothes, a car, and my favorite foods over their needs. Furthermore, Campbell’s quote lends to the fact that any selfless person can be a hero: that person who sits in the front pew, that student who offers help to his peers, or that guy holding open the door. Heroic deeds don’t have to be on a grand scale, like soaring from the sky to rescue a cat in a tree; instead, they could be simple acts, like picking up a piece of ignored trash.
Although most students despise required community service, these little actions instill appreciation within ourselves and give back with a few little heroic deeds. Our service obligations allow us to learn about ourselves in context to the rest of the world, demanding us to see people from different circumstances, and help those less fortunate. Donating cherished time and energy to charity organizations serves the greater good of society. Therefore, these hours force us to learn gratitude and be little heroes, in a

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