Hidden In Silence

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The film Hidden in Silence is based on a true story. During WWII, while Jews are sent to ghettos, Catholic teenager Stefania Podgorska (called Fusia in the movie) helps 13 Jews to save their life while raising her little sister. The film is not very explicit in the violence against the Jews; instead, it conveys a message of hope for mankind, despite the horror humanity shows itself in sensitive ways throughout the film. During the Holocaust, Fusia protects thirteen Jews men, women, and children in the attic of her home for more than two years. Every day, she risks execution by given food and water to the silent friends and neighbors living above her. The film Hidden in Silence shows that anybody no matter how old can make a difference in…show more content…
But Fusia, after praying to the Black Madonna and Jesus Christ, thought otherwise. "I am not leaving you,” she said. The officer reappears telling the girls that they can stay, because he will use only one room of the house for two nurses from the military hospital. Hidden in Silence shows that faith is always a powerful tool in life.
The end of the film shares wonderful details regarding those who survived the holocaust. As an illustration, many of them moves to America. A couple form a family and has seven grandchildren. One young man becomes a doctor. Helena, the little sister, lives in Poland and is a doctor. Fusia and one Max celebrate their fifty first wedding anniversary. This family movie is an important historical story. It has some horror and tragedy that so many human beings face during the dark period of the WWII. At the same time, the best of humanity is shown and later recognizes when Stefania and her sister Helena are distinguished by many prestigious institutions as Yad Vashem and the Jewish and Polish organizations in North America, for their wartime
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