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Hidden Intellectualism, by Graff is about the English professor who discusses the ideas of intellectualism which is sometimes misunderstood to society. He focuses his main concern on the way teens view having intelligence in a negative way. He continues with his own life as an example of hidden intelligence. Graff noticed he was gifted while engaging into a conversation with one of his teammates. Mr.Graff, explains that it is important to teach the reader intellectualism, and by doing that you could possibly bringing the youth into the general studies. Kids make it easier to talk about sports and music.

Lastly, Graff and a high school teacher are coming up with a method to let students discuss their views on intellectuals in today's world. They came up with this to see if students really have potential in themselves. He begins with noting the difference from having book smarts and street smarts. He states that book smart can hide inside of people that are street smart, meaning their intellectualism are hiding inside of them. Graff wanted to express his smartness, but was afraid now he is forming
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My friends began to talk to me little by little, everyday. I didn’t know that I loved showing off my intelligence, I loved the joy of knowing so much of what my friends didn’t know. Not just being smarter than them, but helping them with spelling. A week passed and I thought about my discussion and at that moment in time I realized that I was smart, and there was nothing I could do about it. At recess I stopped my friends, before stepping onto the jungle gym and they all just ran away. Coming from recess I asked the teacher could I make a special announcement. As I walked in class, they all sat down and I processed to say that I wasn’t going to act dumb anymore. I embraced my smartest, but losted my friends. supporting example. Its sentence structure, syntax and diction are generally free from major
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