Hidden Intellectualism In Babysitting

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Many assume babysitting can be done by any moron that knows how to change a diaper, nevertheless, that’s not true. The last time I changed a diaper was 2 years ago and I refuse to do so again after my cousin decided to pee on my hand. It was like an arrow hitting a target – impressive but painfully accurate. There is hidden intellectualism in this area that plenty doesn’t fully understand. Babysitting can be considered hidden intellectualism because it allows me to adopt intellectual skills such as patience, critical thinking, and time management. By using these skills, I can also practice comparing and contrasting the many ways of dealing with problems a child might cause, and determine the best course of action to resolve a real-life situation in real time. Growing up, my parents never took me to daycare instead they let my grandparents take care of me, on one hand, I would get spanked if I did something wrong and on the other, my Grandma would give me M&M’s from my grandfather’s secret candy stash, and being raised with two different families made me realize the pros and cons of each. Being with two different families showed me different ways to care for a child, and how the method is chosen can affect the child in the future. Although I had loving grandparents who gave sweets every day, I also had stern ones who helped show me how to survive the daily world. My parents rarely ever questioned the childcare being given to me, and this promoted both sets of grandparents
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