Hidden Themes In Shakespeare's Romeo And Juliet

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Throughout writers pieces, the diction of each sentence is chosen meticulously and with these choices, the themes of the pieces are secretly introduced. For example, writers have introduced plays such as Romeo and Juliet, Macbeth, and Hamlet just a couple of them. With these plays, many hidden themes are introduced, but to see them you must know how to read between the lines. The main play that will be discussed is Romeo and Juliet. Even though Shakespeare does not make many themes as obvious as others throughout Romeo and Juliet Shakespeare chooses to introduce many universal themes with hidden meanings. In Romeo and Juliet, Shakespeare introduces many obvious themes, but one of the themes that are not clearly stated is everyone fails everyone and don’t trust everyone. This theme suggests that not everything in Romeo and Juliet is all safe and understanding. For example, Romeo’s relationship with family more specifically parents the relationship is strained and distanced. Such as, parents not making an effort to be parents and pick and prod until learning what is wrong with Romeo. Another example is Juliet as shown throughout the piece does not have a relationship with family members, but the closest person who is trusted by Juliet (the nurse). Even though, the nurse is Juliet’s most trusted “family member” Juliet chooses to only disclose the information that would be fine to put out in the open. As shown Shakespeare chose to introduce many hidden themes throughout the
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