Hidden Weaknesses In Scout's Honor

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Hidden Weaknesses “Scout’s Honor” by Avi is a realistic fiction short story about a boy and his friends that go on a camping trip. In the beginning he and his friends make a decision to go on a camping trip. Soon they start to hit some walls and obstacles along the way. During the experience they won't tell each other that they are scared and hurting. In the end they admit what they are thinking and decide to go home. This shows that the boys went through a lot of tough things. The boys were afraid admit their weaknesses. One way the boys were afraid to admit their weaknesses is Max wouldn’t admit he was crying. In paragraph #45 Max gets left on the train because the main character and Horse had to jump off the train to grab Horse's mattresses. He had lest it there when he had to look at the subway station map to navigate where to go. In the text it says “ We watched as his horror stricken face slipped away from us. When his friends found him, he has water streaks down his face. In paragraph #51, when Horse asks him about the streaks he claims that there was water dripping from the roof.This proves that Max was afraid to admit he was crying, he was afraid to be alone.…show more content…
In paragraph #66 the boys are walking across the bridge connecting Brooklyn and New Jersey. They had to cross the bridge to get to where the wanted to camp in what they called “country”. The text says “ Every few paces Horse would shout hold it and readjust his mattress”. Then in paragraph #99 he sees the other side of the bridge. After that he says “race you there.” As he starts running he loses control of the mattress and it flies into a puddle. This proves that Horse was afraid to admit he was struggling with his mattress. He was afraid to ask for

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