Hideki Tojo Dictator

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My dictator is Hideki Tojo. Hideki Tojo was the Army Minister and the Prime Minister of Japan during most of World War 2. Tojo led the Empire of Japan into war with the United States and the British Empire. THis led to the eventual defeat of the nation that he loved with his heart. Hideki Tojo was born in 1884. He followed his father into the military. His father was the lieutenant general in the Imperial Japanese Army. Tojo was well respected as a cadet, then he eventually moved up to the Bureau Chief of the Army. In 1935 he assumed commander of the Kampetei of the Kwangtung Army. This is where he earned his name “The Razor” for his iron will and quick responses to situations. It was in 1940 when Tojo became head of the Army Ministry in
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