Hiding Black Behind The Ears Analysis

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I believe that Latinxs racially identify differently to many of us. The reading which examined the struggles of youth being raised in Newark, as the “Hiding Black Behind the Ears: On Dominicans, Blackness, and Haiti” and the short video of “Born American, raised Dominican, found black,” all identifies their blackness in different ways. I related a lot to the poem by Roberto Garcia “Hiding Black Behind the Ears: On Dominicans, Blackness, and Haiti”. Our stories are very similar as we came to realize our blackness after acquiring the necessary knowledge and having to analyze our surroundings and experiences. I remember growing up my family would claim Indian decent but they refused to claim any African blood flowing within their veins. After I was taught the history of our lifespan I understood my roots and origin. At the time still questing my mother…show more content…
I never got the opportunity to attend school in the Dominican Republic therefore I do not have much knowledge of my history but it was interesting learning some of the many outcomes the Trujillo era had in the Dominican Republic. Having this in mind, in my opinion I believe my country and my people have been facing a pre-Trujillo era or position. It’s like going back in time since many murders and racist acts have been seen against the Haitians population residing in the Dominican Republic. And I belief it’s a matter of opinion but I just don’t agree with this approach because I times I have seen Haitians in my country I see them working and with a very humbled attitude. Its unfortunate how they are being bullied and are being deported to a country were poverty it’s at its max. The video titled “Pickles” had me completely lost and I cannot directly relate his to the rest of the reading. It was funny I must say but the attachment of the lady with the chicken on her lap was hysterically but unbelievable to
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