Hierarchies In The Naked Citadel

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Hierarchies have often been dominant in the world for centuries and are still dominant when it comes to business and government. Moreover, the presence of hierarchies is so prominent because executives and supervisors usually have more power in the decision making in every environment. These hierarchies are usually prominent in the military where this order; rules all the actions the military takes. Susan Faludi discusses how colleges that have a slightly stronger association with the military (The Citadel) use hierarchies, in her essay “The Naked Citadel.” The essay shows how students in heavily ordered systems are forced to think about how students in different school systems have been treated. While there are some school systems that use…show more content…
The hierarchies that are put in place in the education system do not guarantee success they only hope for it. These hierarchies mainly tell people that they are destined to succeed; however, these individuals do not always succeed in what they want to do. Faludi discusses how while in hierarchies such as the hierarchy of men having a higher rank in society. However, even in Faludi’s essay, she talked to a professor at The Citadel, Linda Ross, who told her that, “There’s a Citadel graduate working as a cashier at the grocery store” (Faludi 80). With no clear advantages to the hierarchy as people without a degree could also be working at a grocery store. Therefore, we should disband the many hierarchies in most education systems because there are no clear advantages in having a hierarchy but there are advantages in not having hierarchies. The disbandment of hierarchies allows for students to grow and to implement technologies that help society grow in the classroom. It would allow for people to work freely with others on projects that they find intriguing and even work collaboratively on projects, where individuals have their own personal talents shown. This collaboration allows for more individuals to work together on projects that they are passionate about without having any boundaries to overcome. Davidson discussed her project at Duke, where she implemented iPods in the classroom while trying to find new uses for this new technology. This project that Davidson went through was impactful because it flipped most hierarchies upside-down. During the study first-year students, received iPods, giving the first-year the students an advantage compared to the other students, who had more seniority. By giving the students who have the least amount of seniority an advantage it causes the hierarchy to flip causing students to succeed. (Page
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