Higginbotham's Dining Room: A Short Story

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Brisket, kugel in a casserole dish, potato pancakes (latkes), and even Brussels sprouts with raisins all adorned atop Mrs. Higginbotham’s dining room table cloth. Her table cloth was festive, and it covered the, long, center of the dining table, and then dropped off at both ends. Images of Hebrew lettering and menorahs were displayed and woven into the table cloth, and it was blue and white. The outer edges of the table where guests would sit were uncovered leaving the cherry wood exposed. It was Friday, December 14th, 2001, and Anna just entered into the Higginbotham home with Johnny.
Johnny was proud of his new find, Anna, that he had such pride telling his father, especially his mother that he had found a nice, Jewish, gal to date, and
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