High Expectation For Women In Judy Brady's I Want A Wife

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Why is there such a high expectation for women as they get older? Girls shouldn 't be taught to become the "perfect wife" for any man. They shouldn 't have to spend their childhood or teenage years perfecting themselves for anyone. Women and girls should be able to grow and blossom into the person they want to be. But one thing that doesn 't make sense is, why should it be a woman that should grow to become the ideal wife? Why can 't men grow to become the ideal husband? Girls are taught at a very young age to learn how to clean, cook, learn to take care of a child, take their studies, and make themselves enough so they 'll be ready for marriage. Now that 's just not fair, there 's so much more to a woman than house chores. The fact that women are able to take care of all that 's expected of them, just proves that women are much more stronger than men will ever be. Not saying that men aren 't capable of doing what 's required from women, but majority of boys and men aren 't taught to manage such tasks. In the essay "I Want a Wife" by Judy Brady, Brady writes about how wives are expected to handle everything in a marriage, whether it be to take care of the children or to please the husband. It seems as if the husband doesn 't have an important role in the marriage at all, other than making themselves independent and relying on their wife 's. It 's not fair that women are treated like slaves in a marriage, it 's as if they 're robots with no feelings. That 's what

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