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Spatial Cognition in Adult and Aged Mice exposed to High-Fat Diet
Cognitive: defined as relating to the mental processes of perception, memory, judgment and reasoning, as contrasted with emotional and volitional processes; the act of process of knowing. The research article, “Spatial Cognition in Adult and Aged Mice Exposed to High-Fat Diet” is a lesson in the on-going study of cognitive functions related to high fat diets (HFD). The study explored the impact on cognitive deficits of a HFD in adult versus aged mice. After feeding the mice high fat diets for three months prior to, and during, the testing the results were that adult mice (5 months old) and aged mice (15 months old) reacted differently to the high fat diet. Adult mice were more
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This is key to discovering how to age gracefully. The study suggests that if you are overweight as an adult it will affect your cognitive skills when you are old. However, if you become obese when old it doesn’t seem to have a huge effect on you cognitively. It is important to teach children the importance of information regarding a high fat diet. Factors like visceral fat and fasting insulin levels can lead to issues like a higher risk of Alzheimer’s or problems with executive functioning in teens. The scientists predicted that some cognitive capabilities would be impacted by a high fat diet. They believed that a high fat diet would cause multiple issues in cognitive impairments including spatial cognitive functions. The results ended up indicating that a high fat diet did induce some metabolic dysfunction and getting older impacted spatial cognition, but the high fat diet didn’t exacerbate the spatial cognitive function in either group of…show more content…
Aged-related spatial cognitive deficits is proven in the study with aged mice. High fat diets did make changes to the experiment because the aged and adult mice gained weight and have systemic metabolic dysfunction. There was a difference in the high fat diets between the aged and adult mice. The aged mice were not as effected by the high fat diets as the adult mice. The adult mice that were younger were more able to get behaviors like anxiety from the high fat diets. Overall, the results show that time has a big play in the experiment. The older mice do not get as effected by the experiment than the adult mice. With the aging of America studies like this are imperative as we navigate our family members to

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