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My impression of the Nursing Resource Center is that it is an awesome place for students to learn during clinical. The task trainers and the high- fidelity simulations provides students the opportunity to practice cognitive dynamics of real scenarios. This gives the students an opportunity to make mistakes and better themselves. As a student, the resources available to me within the lab throughout the rest of my nursing education will be very beneficial. Resources such as the faculty, educators, and the simulation models will help students enhance care for future patients, learn how to maneuver during simulates scenarios, and receive the maximum help possible. The lab can be more useful for students if the time of operation is extended to later…show more content…
These simulators are models that can be used to teach simple psychomotor skills such as nasogastric tube placement or body positioning. Examples include models that cannot throw up or deliver babies. High fidelity resources are simulators equipped with realistic physiologic functions, and closely resemble humans. High fidelity simulators can simulate breathing, heart sounds, urinary drainage, pupil reaction, and even deliver babies. Task trainers are anatomical models that replicate a portion of the body and can be used to practice skills. An example would be, a model of an arm with realistic looking veins filled with red fluid, which can be used to teach IV line insertions. Simulation is a technique that replicates substantial aspects of the real world in a full interactive fashion. It can be very useful in nursing education by helping students develop teamwork with others. Learn patient safety, and overall support nurses in the ongoing acquisition of knowledge and skills. Although simulation is very helpful in training nurses, it does not replace that one on one interaction with a real patient. Simulations cannot replicate every possible scenario that a real patient can experience especially if it is a new case of virus, disease,

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