Corn Syrup Lab Report

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High fructose corn syrup is basically a corn syrup in which enzymes have been additional to alteration selected of the glucose to fructose and creation the product syrup sweeter than corn syrup. In this report I will cover basic ideas and information related to high fructose corn syrup, physical and chemical properties of HFCS. There are many manufacturer process, that used corn syrup as an raw material, and HFCS used in many food stuffs for developing better taste, odor and flavor. In the middle section of this report I will show the process flow diagram of the process that uses starch as an raw material for the production of HFCS. At the end of this report I will cover up, how environment affected due to the production of HFCS, and what are…show more content…
The further cornstarch is hydrolyzed, the advanced the corn syrup’s glucose satisfied. Extraordinary fructose corn syrup is prepared commencing corn syrup that has an extraordinary quantity of glucose. Further enzymes are cast-off to change particular of the glucose into fructose, subsequent in a sweetened corn syrup. Extraordinary fructose corn syrup has numerous features that create it a prevalent component for nutriment producers.
HFCS is prepared by the chemical and enzymatic hydrolysis of corn starch comprising amylose and amylopectin to corn syrup covering typically glucose charted by the isomerization of the glucose in corn syrup to fructose to produce HFCS. HFCS is baptized iso-glucose in England and glucose-fructose in Canada, and was leading familiarized to the nutrition and infusion manufacturing in the getting on 1965 and 1975s to progress constancy and functionality of numerous foods and infusions.
Physical and Chemical properties:
Dry Substance % 76~77%
PH 3.3~4.3
Ash % Trace
SO2,ppm <
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HFCS frequently comprises poisonous stages of mercury for the reason that of chlor-alkali foodstuffs rummage-sale in its industrial. Infected sweetie is positively not usual. When HFCS is track over and done with a chemical analyzer or a chromatograph, eccentric chemical mountains expression up that are not glucose or fructose. One learning set up mercury in over 45% of tasters verified. Mercury experiences can consequence in permanent mind and anxious scheme impairment particularly in undeveloped, rising forms. As discussed above, the presence of mercury in HFCS is very dangerous for human health, so it’s a responsibility of FDA department to regulate, maintain check and balance, and monitor the percentage of mercury regularly , which is not injurious to

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