High Fructose Corn Syrup Research Papers

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Confusion and debate over sugar and high fructose corn syrup is a large debatable topic. With all the foods and bread products that high fructose corn syrup has slowly found its way into, especially in all the new energy drinks. HFCS is an altered sweetened product. Natural sugar is an entirely unprocessed ingredient, for example, milk, organic product, and vegetables. A standout between the most widely known everyday sugars is fructose, which is found in natural fruit product (Added). To make corn syrup, you blend the corn starch with water and afterward include a catalyst, which breaks down into a sweeter sugar substance that is delivered by a bacterium that separates the starch into shorter chains of glucose. At this point you include another protein, created by a growth that separates the short chains into glucose particles. The end product is corn syrup. To make corn syrup into high fructose corn syrup you transform some of its glucose particles into fructose atoms by mixing up the syrup to another chemical again created by enzyme. HFCS 55 which is…show more content…
This product was never supposed to be used for processed food. With a slow introduction of HFCS into cooking and baking, now a contemporary movement has begun. There is now more of an assortment of foods and beverages that people love to eat. From soft drinks that can be found in everyday grocery stores. Second, are sauces and salads dressing that consumers believe are made from fruits, consequently, thinking it is a beneficial to consume. Third are the bread and pastry products followed by baked fruits and vegetables like cakes that people love to consume due to its sweetness? Along with the cakes comes forth the fruits and vegetables such as canned pickles and beans and other preserved items. The last one are the cereals and fruit bars for breakfast consumption
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