High Grade In High School

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Teenagers go through high school to prepare for post-secondary schooling and their future careers. From Grades 9 through 12, adolescents are forced to take mandatory courses, as well as a few of their own choosing. Most of these compulsory courses are condensed into Grade 9 and 10, so little freedom of choice is given during these first two years. Grade nine is the start of everyone’s high school, but not necessarily the most important year for a variety of reasons. Out of all grades in secondary school, I believe that Grade 9 is the least important of them all. During their high school years, teenagers are studying so that they are able to pursue the future career of their choice. Teenagers including myself attempt to aim for the highest marks possible so that universities will accept our applications. Further supporting my point, universities do not look at the marks of the first two years of high school, Grade 9 especially, which goes to say how irrelevant grade nine actually is. If a student’s progression is very poor in grade nine, they can still very easily get into a good university as long as they do well in grade eleven and twelve, so the need to succeed is not there in Grade 9. “Almost 99% of universities say that they only look at grade eleven and twelve marks, while the other 1% say that they look at the marks of every year of high school.” This provides as proof that Grade 9 has little to no influence on one’s likeliness of getting into a good university or

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