Predicament Of Mankind Essay

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1) High growth rates of GDP per capita in developed countries are due to an increase and, after that, stabilization of the population in these countries;
2) High growth rates of production’s factors, especially labor productivity;
3) High rates of transformation of the structure in the economy (technological progress law);
4) High rates of social and ideological transformation - urbanization and secularization;
5) The ability of developed countries to find new markets and sources of raw materials, creating a global unity based on civil and military technologies;
6) Restriction of spread (1/3 countries of the world 's population have not yet reached the minimum level of that modern level of technology).
All these characteristics of modern economic
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The purpose of the organization is sharing knowledge about urgent problems to the society, "opening the veil" of an unfavorable future so that people start behaving and acting more kind, in order to ensure the better future for themselves and surrounding world. (ЛИТЕРАТУРА: Limit to growth)
As a result of the organization 's meetings, in 1970 the “Project on the Predicament of Mankind” was created. This project has shown the need of studying the problems associated with environmental degradation, poverty, population growth, unemployment, inflation and other world’s problems. The main task of studying these problems was to show their relationship to each other so that the understanding of the significance, interrelation and elimination of these negative factors will appear. Then the participants of the organization began to study the factors that limit the development of the economic growth among our planet. Among them are agricultural and industrial productions, use of natural resources, population increase, as well as environmental pollution.
The book "The limits to growth: a report for the club of Rome 's project on the predicate of mankind" by Donella Meadows et al. (1972) is the first result of the research of this organization, published for a wide readership.

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