High Honor Roll Research Paper

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Four years ago, I remember being told, “We both know you can do it, you are just not putting in enough effort.” In the middle of my eighth grade year, the dreams of going to college and having a better life for myself was not important at that moment. College didn’t matter to me as I was with the wrong type of friends who always influenced my behavior whether I knew it or not. While I knew that I was capable of being on the high honor roll, it didn’t seem to matter to a thirteen year old. Knowing that college was still years away, I didn’t want to focus on it so early in my life. My grades and behavior were the main reasons I was on the border of not graduating. I was so focused on others that I never realized I let myself go. Graduating eighth grade helped prove to myself that I was not a failure and every step I took was only closer to being successful. Graduation year came faster than ever, I started to lose my outstanding grades and started to feel satisfied with low percentages as long as I was passing. It was my last year and all I wanted to do was have fun. I stopped doing my homework and studying for all my tests, I began to worry about boys and all the fun times my friends and I would have. I got suspended and asked to get sent to a anger management school to help me focus a bit more on myself, nobody would have expected that from…show more content…
This was one of the happiest days of my life because I knew in the future I would reflect back on my experience and think to myself I made it this far with so many complications that I know I can overcome anything life would throw at me. Although I did not graduate with honor society or one of the highest grades I still have the satisfaction of having my diploma and knowing I overcame all my failures in middle school. I’m proud to say thank you to my teacher who never let me down and always told me I can do it because of her I showed her my effort was more than
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