High House Price Case Study

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Introduction. Over the past fifteen years. Property in Malaysia has experienced significant price expansion with several states expanded at higher rate. House price measure are normally essential with the regional economics and demographics change such as income, cost of Capital, stock price and population. The phenomenon of high house price in Malaysia are started to affect the majority of middle class people. It was said that most of the people were locked out of their houses due to the rising rents in Malaysia. However, there are some factors that cause of rising house price. High cost, increasing demand, and speculative activity are among the popular cause of high house price. Graph shows the prices of houses in Malaysia The graph shows the flying in the prices houses in Malaysia since 2002 to 2008, and the rising could be from the outcomes of supply or demand, or from the rolls that the government monitors. Market: is a place where buyers and sellers meet to exchange any goods and services. In other term people meet to trade…show more content…
There is a law of Demand which states that the higher the price of a product, the lower the demand for that product and the lower the price of a product, the higher is the quantity demand. The inverse relationship between price and demand of a good or service. Change in quantity demand and a change demand may seem to be two ways of expressing the same idea, but they are not. What is the difference? Economists define change in quantity demand to mean only the change in quantity demand of a good that is brought about by a change in the price of that good. They define change in demand to mean a shift in the entire demand curve either to the left or right. Change in demand cause shifts to the right when demand increase, and demand cause shifts to the left when demand

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