High Index Lenses Misconceptions

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There are a lot of opinions about high index lenses. Some are accurate while others are off the mark. While freedom to express one 's views online is a good thing, it can create confusion that gets in the way of making an informed purchase. Sometimes hearsay can cause harm or it may steer people away from benefits and opportunities that improve lives. Here are three misconceptions about high index lenses: Strong Prescription Glass Lenses Are Thick Up until the mid 20th century, glass was the only lens material used for glasses. That changed with the introduction of CR-39 plastic lenses, which were far lighter and much more resistant to shattering. The optical quality was inferior but reasonably good. CR-39 plastic lenses became very popular in…show more content…
In contrast, high index lenses are thin, lightweight, and don 't distort your appearance. They fit on a wide variety of frame styles. If you want to make a style statement, you can get thick plastic frames such as nylon. On the other hand, you can minimize the impact of your glasses on your appearance by purchasing rimless styles with thin light-weight metal frames. This feat is impossible with thick lenses. Another consideration is that high index lenses are a one-time cost and will last for years. High index lenses allow you to more easily live a physically active life. They fit on frames designed for different sport activities. The less weight on the bridge of your nose, the more comfortable the glasses feel when engaged in activity involving lots of physical movement. A heavy pair of glasses may tend to slide down the nose when running, for example. While you can solve this problem with a band that holds them in place, the lens weight still feels uncomfortable and may cause nose indentations. You also can 't take advantage of frame styles such as wraparounds that maximize eye protection from UV, wind, and dust. These design differences enhance your performance and give you the edge in sport events involving
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