Comparing Most Dangerous Game And High Noon

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High Noon is an award-winning movie from the 1950s, which is also widely regarded as one of the best one hundred films in the history of Hollywood. It tells the story of a marshal from the Wild West named Will Kane, who has to fight for his life as a murderer by the name of Frank Miller is hunting him down and eager to get his revenge. “The Most Dangerous Game” is a short story about the hunters and the hunted, and focuses on a hunter named Sanger Rainsford who finds himself stranded on a mysterious island after plunging off his boat. Rainsford encounters a man, almost out of a fairy tale, called General Zaroff who challenges him to a hunt, where Rainsford would become the hunted. He has to try to navigate the island in order to survive and…show more content…
“KANE staggers from a bullet in the shoulder, but keeps shooting, and MITCHELL goes down, his guns slipping from his fingers. For a moment, KANE leans tiredly against the building. Then he goes to AMY. He helps her up, and they cling to each other silently,” (Foreman 332). Kane eventually kills Miller, called Mitchell in the screenplay, after outsmarting his gang and rides out of town to a new area with Amy. In “The Most Dangerous Game,” the story also ends with the protagonist on the victorious side. “The general sucked in his breath and smiled. ‘I congratulate you,’ he said. ‘You have won the game.’ Rainsford did not smile. ‘I am still a beast at bay,’ he said, in a low, hoarse voice. ‘Get ready, General Zaroff,’” (Connell 232). After making it back to the chateau, or Zaroff’s castle-like House, Rainsford waits to confront the general and challenge him to one final game. After winning, he sleeps victoriously in Zaroff’s bed, fully solidifying his recently gained freedom. Both Will Kane and Sanger Rainsford fight for their lives, and after finally defeating their opponents, they taste sweet victory and newly found
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