High Noon Theme

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Both Hpgh Noon and "The Most Dangerous Game" have contrasting themes. High noon is about the old west and the main character is Will Kane. Kane has to face his enemies without anyone by his side. The most dangerous game is about the Sanger Rainsford, in the Amazon Jungle. Rainsford is abandoned on "ship trap island." No one is there, only General Zaroff, a hunter, who hunts human beings. So far the main characters are have common problems, however they do have differences. In this analysis, I will talk about how both short stories are similar. And although both share multiple similarities, they have different themes and messages that the reader has to interpret.

The first similarity is between the two characters and characters' mood. "Do you Will Kane, take Amy to be your lawful wedded wife… I do" (Foreman 290). In the beginning of the screenplay version of the movie, the main character Will Kane is getting married to the Quaker Amy. Will is the marshal, and four of his enemies, that have returned for revenge. Kane has to fight alone without anyone there to help him. His mood is obviously negative, the mood is "your alone in this world, you have to fight alone and fight with reason". "I'll come out... let her go."(Foreman 331). Sad, but true, now in those other story "The Most Dangerous Game" the main character is Sanger Rainsford, a hunter from New York. "My name is Sanger
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In the screenplay of High Noon, the setting is in the Old West, Arizona. "If I ran, I'd be running forever"(Foreman). This type off setting help Will Kane, because this was his hometown and knows the tricks and the trades. In The Most Dangerous Game, the setting is the Amazon Jungle, Ship-Trap Island. This a disadvantage for Rainsford because he's lost, doesn't know where he is, and he's scared of being hunted alive by a mad man. I mean if I was him I would be a beast at bay as well. And that's why the setting is a key part in this
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