High Performance Work Case Study

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Driven by market imperatives to develop more efficient organizational structures and practices, there is an increasing importance among both academics and practitioners on behavioral competitive strategies that rely on core competencies and abilitiesbetween employees, as they provide the most effective response to market demands, also they are not easily imitated by competitors. Within the context a broadly defined High Performance Work System can be viewed as a crucial strategic lever, both as a means to sustain and develop core competencies and as a necessary condition for strategy implementation. Such systems include rigorous recruiting and selection protocols, performance management and compensation systems, and employee Development and…show more content…
Analyze Conceptual framework of HPW
HPW is designed to help senior managers who are looking to improve performance in the workplace and unlock organizational learning.
High Performance Working helps an organization to be clear about what performance improvement is, to be realistic and systematic in its implementation and to motivate people to work together to achieve key business goals.
HPW can be viewed as a key strategic lever, both as a means to develop and sustain core competencies and as a necessary condition for strategy implementation.
We define organizational performance as the achievement of organiza¬tional goals in pursuit of business strategies that lead to sustainable competi¬tive
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This involved summing the number of positive and statistically significant relationships between each HPWP and performance indicators for each organization, obtained through logit model analysis and categorizing the outcomes into a high, medium and low level of association between use of HPWPs and performance outcomes. To simplify the reporting, the performance indicators of each organization have been summed into a single performance index made up of the following indicators: reported problems with staff absence, reported problems with staff motivation, reported problems with staff turnover, higher-than-average productivity, and improved productivity over the last three years, a good work climate and a good economic situation in the organization. The following categorizations were used to distinguish between different levels of performance outcomes and
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