High Prescription Drug Prices By Brad Tuttle Summary

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A Columbia University for Writing alum, Brad Tuttle in his article, 21 Incredibly Disturbing Facts About High Prescription Drug Prices published on Time.com addresses the topic of high drug prices and implies that drugs are very overpriced. He supports this claim by stating that, “The price of the life-saving drug Daraprim was jacked up 5,000% overnight last fall by the company that purchased it, Turing Pharmaceuticals, and its hated CEO Martin Shkreli” (Tuttle), then that the prices of “Epi Pens have increased 450% since 2007” (Tuttle). Tuttle’s purpose is to urge the drug companies to lower prices to life-saving drugs in order to make cancer and other diseases more affordable. He adopts a judgmental tone for his audience, the readers of Time
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