High Renaissance Research Paper

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The Historical factor that makes Rome the center of Italian art during the High renaissance were the mythological Heroes, legends and lore’s that were often the theme of their paintings and sculptures. The Roman keen attention to detail, concerning the human anatomy, is replicated in Italian art during the High Renaissance. In contrast, the themes that were used prior depicted Icons and events from Bible stories like annunciation of the Virgin Mary, the baptism of Jesus Christ, and the temptation of Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden. During the time of the renaissance, it was the heroes, gods and goddesses, and events that were portrayed in Italian paintings and sculptures such as the birth of The Roman goddess Venus and the accompaniment of cupid flying about with his bow and arrow. My goal is to discuss what makes Rome central to the High Renaissance art in Italy. Also, Pope Julius II, born 1503-1513, made it his goal to physically reestablish Rome, with the aspiration of matching or surpassing the former ancient…show more content…
568). Michelangelo is historically acclaimed to be one of the most skilled and influential artist in history. A versatile creative genius, Michelangelo was well engaged in a poetry, architecture, painting, and more predominantly, sculpting (568). He worked in Rome where he lived for several years, ranging from 1513 to 1515), where he was commissioned to carve a Pieta for a French cardinal (“Michelangelo Buonarroti”). The Pieta depicts the Virgin Mary lamenting the loss of her son, Jesus Christ, as she holds his lifeless body (569). The cardinal that commissioned him was a Roman representative. Michelangelo was in awe of the anatomically precise, robust and heroic sculptures, and subsequently the general style of renaissance art as a whole (Davies et al.
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