High School Admission Essay

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Early in my second year of high school, I discovered that my education is the most important thing in my future. During high school, I learned my capabilities, unique gifts, talents and some of mine include determination and strong will. Which will be used to further my education in the nursing. Child nursing is a very challenging and demanding career, however the rewards would be amazing and I am ready to embark on this career. Nursing has always been a desire of mine to continue after high school. Ever since a young girl, I knew what wanted to continue. I realized that studying Health and Convivial Care throughout College will make me realise that nursing is much more than a vocation, it is a way of life, which includes perennial learning.…show more content…
One of the greatest challenges that I have faced in my life, which was when my father passed away. Every aspect of my life had changed I didn 't have a chance to grow up in a secure home with both my parents. Lucky for me, I didn 't have to juggle between different family members. Since then I 've strive to complete my education, and be able to take care of my mom. I have on occasionally find myself challenged to the maximum of my capabilities because of my high academic standards that my mom has expected from all her kids. My mother by herself barley makes enough money to raise us, she is a single mother who raises four children along with taking care of my grandmother. When I lost one parent the other one had to make up for the missing income. My mother gets help from the state to raise us until we are eighteen, but that money stops when we go to college. Thus my mom will continue to help me with my financial problems during college. Although, most of my money for college will come from scholarships and financial aid. The DHSHS Scholarship would greatly benefit me in helping to pay for college tuition and expenses, so please consider me for this
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