High School Arousal Theory

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I am interested in this particular theory because it truly is an interesting theory. And i think that this theory is true or can be applied to a lot of criminals. Most criminal acts are done because people need to commit the crime to stay on the level they are at this could mean robbing so they can stay afloat, or committing some sort of embezzlement to try and make more money for that persons family or just simply because that particular person wants more money. And then there are those who do it for the thrill. I think these types of people can be broken down into different categories. In one category you have the people who commit crime because they are bored and have nothing else going on. This could be kids in middle school or high school…show more content…
The arousal theory says that people continue to do crime to try and maintain some sort of high. Some may commit criminal acts because they see it as a source of entertainment. According to the Theory different peoples brains function differently than others in response while those people are in different environments. Every Human being is try to stay at a certain level of arousal and than there are some who go above that and are seeking a higher level of arousal. This could be committing a crime such as bank robbery than running from the police is the kind of excitement these type of people are seeking. People who have a case of attention deficit hyperactivity disorder(ADHD) are good example of having low arousal. People with ADHD are continuously seeking activities seeking ways to reach that optimum arousal level where they can feel…show more content…
Kids with ADHD are quite often known to do terribly in school because they can’t focus on the school work at hand that they are supposed to try and complete. Cases like this are People with ADHD are continuously trying to keep active in some ways and are easily distracted or thrown off course. People with ADHD is a very good example of Arousal Theory. People with ADHD have a low Arousal level because they need to do more to reach that optimum level of satisfaction. Studies show that people with ADHD tend to stray towards criminal activities. Children with ADHD are more likely to use drugs, or drink than kids who don’t drink or do any drugs. People with this disease are also more likely to engage in sex offenses at a young age. This is connected to Arousal theory because these particular people with ADHD require a high level of simulation to reach that comfortable level of living. They easily get bored and are more likely to commit crimes to reach that optimal level of Arousal. Arousal Theory states that different peoples brains function differently when in different environments. So for some people being in a big crowd provides that person with stimulation and is said to provide high levels of arousal for that person. The theory says that everyone tries to reach this ultimate level of Arousal from the environment they are
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