High School Athletes Legacy Essay

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Athletes in high school begin to start their legacy. History about this compelling start to an athletes career took place in 20th century. In 1903 New York City’s Public School Athletic League for Boys was established, and formal contests between children, organized by adults, emerged as a way to keep the boys coming back to activities, clubs, and school (thealantic.com). By 1910 17 other cities across the United States had formed their own competitive athletic leagues modeled after New York City’s PSAL (thealantic.com). From then to now, high school athletes having become the turning point in the students’ lives, parents’ lives, and community itself, but if the students want to make their career successful in their respected sport, then they need…show more content…
It all starts with being social and having a great family home. Family should be the number one priority to go run and talk too. Family will never leave your side when you need it. Having a family that comes together and that is socially great, then that athletes family is going to be a well-known family. High school athletes also need friends who will support them in what they do. Friends are also an important key to social life, because friends lift you up when your parents are not available. The right friends will never leave his or her side. The wrong friends will tear his or her apart. High school athletes social game really falls under social media nowadays. Social media has become the number one thing in this world. Social media can take the brains of young hungry athletes, or just mainly anyone. As a high school athlete, his or her needs to cut down the media a little bit especially before his or her event that morning or evening. By cutting down the social media, athletes can focus on what they need to get done in there respected sport and that is be a team player and win. Social life can be hard to come by, but it is simple to get rid
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