High School Career Analysis

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The privilege of getting a quality education, participating in a superb athletic program, and being surround by ample opportunities to volunteer and lead are things I took advantage of throughout my high school career. I’ve worked diligently to improve my character these past four years and am proud of my many accomplishments.

I have achieved a 3.98 unweighted GPA and a 29 superscored ACT. Unfortunately my ACT score don 't allow me to distinguish myself from other students at a superb university, but I don’t believe that my test scores accurately reflect my true ability. My lengthy résumé is filled with ample opportunities that I have taken to improve my school, community, and self.

I believe that my successes in extracurricular activities manifest my dedication to self-improvement as equally as my test scores and GPA. My devotion towards things that I cherish is evident. I plan to take my passions with me throughout college and my career, and channel that fervor towards different directions as I augment my goals.
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It’s my desire and inclination to work towards success that has lead me to pursue business and aspired me to attend Washington
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