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We the people of Russell Kansas find our safety, community, and families at risk! These past couple of years we have been disturbed by the drugs and festation of the people committing theses crimes and acts around us. Russell is known for our quiet country feel where are children can be safe to run and play without the worries because of our self engaging community. Since the years, we are noticing large amounts of drugs soaring through or streets in which have began to affect the unimaginable. Our concern for the safety of our wellbeing would be in better hands if there was more law enforcement to help fulfill these uneasy feelings.

In our small town of Russell, we take pride in those who are outstanding to the community and have helped better our lives. Sadly, those who have had faith put into them by their loved and trusted fellow people have lost trust and value to our town. With the lack of budget, it has become hard to keep law enforcement around since many leave and go to better paying jobs elsewhere. Don 't get me wrong, we have great police officers who do their job well but, with limited people their job is just a game of ring around the rosey. The most recient drug bust made took more time than it should because they had to gather the right equipment, manpower, and dogs to complete this mission efficiently and safely. This has later become a problem affecting our community since
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This has almost doubled in the past two years. In 2013, 4,475 people populated our town. Today, nearly 5,000 are populating the streets of Russell Kansas but not all are can be accounted for. Since there is limited jobs and higher crime rate it 's obvious our town is mistakenly being known for a hideout, not a small country living

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