High School Choir Research Paper

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It’s August 20th, 2012 and my first day of school as a Hampton-Dumont Bulldog. I’ve just finished my fourth hour class and now I’m walking down the noisy hallway towards the choir room for my next class. I’ve always loved to sing and I’m excited to start my first day in a new choir. Walking down the hallway I start to wonder, what will it be like? Where will I sit? Am I good enough to be apart of a topnotch high school choir? Hopefully good answers to these questions will come my way. Arriving at the choir room I can already see it’s a completely different environment than I’ve ever experienced. The differences are obvious just by walking in the door. All I had ever experienced prior to this was a small, two-row choir room, so entering into this huge room is a shock. I try to soak up the white-brick room, as I know I will be spending a lot of time in here during the next four years. There are three rows of black risers set up with what seems to be an unnecessary number of chairs. There’s a massive window off to my right that almost completely covers the entire wall, with the…show more content…
Just as in warmups this choir wows me again. Most choirs I’ve ever been apart of you have to start with continuously pounding out the notes and rhythms. This choir can pick up a sheet of music and sing through the whole song with impressive note accuracy. That excites me as I’m finally in a choir that’s not held back by slow learning singers and we can dig right into the music. I’m so excited for what my high school choir experience could bring me. All I have ever thought about high school choir and what it’s like has been shattered in five minutes. It’s a large step up from the simple middle-school songs we always sing. Though those are fun times it doesn’t compare to the joy of singing with skilled, experienced people. It’s a big step up and though it will take hard work I’m excited to see what my future holds with this
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