Persuasive Essay: The Value Of Time In High School

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Time fly’s when you’re having fun, especially during your high school years. If I were to look back on my high school years, there would be many different things I would like to tell incoming freshman. One of the main things I would like to advise new students to do is just too simply have fun and getting involved, while at the same time making sure they are staying focused and staying on top of their grades! The days when homework, tests, quizzes, and studying were all just a myth. The days when you didn’t do your homework and your grade would never go up or down or be affected at all. Those days are over. You are no longer a kid anymore, you are a teenager. You no longer have to line up as a class, and go to lunch together every day. Welcome to High school, where you have to find all your classes on your own, and decide whether you want to be late to class or not. During your high school years you have to grow up dramatically and make important decisions. Unlike middle school, high school students get far more homework and classwork. Students should never…show more content…
Most students don’t know that their grades throughout high school can either make or break their college career. The grades that are given in high school are passed on to the college you apply for. Those grades will then determine whether or not you get accepted or declined into the college of your choice. The high school cumulative grade point average is based on all four years that you spend in high school. This means you should try hard all four years, to get your grade point average up, in order to get into the college of your choice. Ninth grade year is a great year to get your grade point average up. This year is a more relaxed year, due to trying to get the students adjusted to high school therefore; it is easier. Enjoy your ninth grade year because once you get to tenth grade everything begins to get
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