Highschool Narrative

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Highschool. The simple Noun that strikes fear, anxiety, and pure terror in the minds of any teenager within range of hearing it.

One could even argue that High-school is like a free trial of Hell depending on how you look at it.

And trust me when i say, that is most CERTAINLY how a girl named Casey Palmer looked at it.

Cliche story hook? check. Cliche high-school setting? Check.

*gives a thumbs up to camera crew* Alright folks were ready to go

Standing at the front doors of Lakewood High at 16 years old, she tightened her grip on the straps of her backpack like it was a life vest. She wasn 't ready, but then again, was anyone ever?

The first day of being a junior in high school. This ought a be one hell of a trip. She can already sense
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she speaks up a bit louder.

"Do you want to head to your classes?..they start in like, 10 minutes anyways, i just don 't wanna be out here. I think i 'm going partially deaf" Madison says, palms on her ears.

Casey rolls her eyes. "sure, we have Gym together first period right?" she can see madison 's smile falter

"Yeah actually, we do. Jesus, who thought Gym class first thing in the morning was a good idea, i can barely walk for the first few hours of school..." she does a fake buckle with her knees as if shes suddenly unable to stand.

both of them let out strained laughs, as Casey rakes a hand through her own messy hair.

"alright then" Casey starts "We better go before your legs give out beneath you, you paraplegic drama queen"

Madison sticks a tongue out in response, and tags alongside her best friend through the slightly less clogged hallways.

Gym class. What a bother.


As expected, Gym is rather....uneventful. Especially on the first day.

The whole half hour was spent sitting on bleachers watching a terrifyingly built woman explain the rules, safety, and other missalanious things about her Gym.

No boots or sandals, only sneakers. Have your Gym shorts on you at all times, got
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