High School Dress Codes Essay

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Sexism within High school Dress Codes Dress codes, they are there to keep students from being “distracted” from one another. But do these dress codes degrade women and encourage them to cover themselves up so that men can have a distraction free learning environment? Dress codes have existed for as long as anyone can remember, when i first entered elementary there was a new a foreign rule limiting what i could wear. Although the rule existed it wasn't enforced until later on in my school years. When i entered middle school the dress code was fully enforced. As more and more people were sent to the office for breaking the dress code, i began to notice something, the people that were pulled out of class to get dressed into an embarrassing outfit of old gym clothes, were…show more content…
When i asked the disciplinary vice principal what was wrong with my leggings she replied with “they are too tight and will distract students” to say i was shocked was an understatement, i was exasperated i didn't understand what was so wrong with my leggings that i had to be pulled out of class being deprived of vital information to change a piece of clothing that mimics jeans. The second time i was dress coded was for a pair of shorts, these shorts were not inappropriate and fully covered my bottom, but to my surprise my shorts were “too short”. I wasn't understanding why i couldn't wear shorts on a hot summer day, wearing jeans wasn't an option and all of the clothing stores i had access to didn't carry shorts longer than the ones i had. To eliminate these sexist ways we should adjust the dress code to wear it protects women instead of just having it around to make sure that men are not distracted. We should also teach men to control themselves and teach them to perceive women as equals. If we do not solve this problem girls are going to grow up feeling that they need to cover themselves up for the benefit of men. They will feel self conscience and dread
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