The Importance Of Drug Use In High School

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Too many high school student are taking drugs which ruins their lives in the future and its first starts off with a friend keeps on bugging you to try it and then once you 've try it you may have like that experience and wanting to keep on enjoying that moment of feeling something you imagine and that 's unexplainable. Now you want to keep on reliving that moment of relaxation or enjoyment and now they been doing drugs constuddely which has now ruins their ability to concentrate in class which causes them to lack in school work and lead them not to graduate it high school. As us the students we are the ones that need to speak up and say something about drug use in which its not only effetiving that particular student but the whole social body…show more content…
According to my resource page of Drug Use In High School its states “The consequence of addition in include brain abnormalities,slowed thinking and impaired learning and memory lost”. My older brother Francisco Hernandez experience with drug use in high school in his freshman year and what got him in drugs use was because of his friends were pressuring him to do it and told him to stop being such a girl but in other rude words. So he smoke pot with friends that day and ever since that he 's been ditching school and been taking drugs and goes smoking with his suppos friends and comes home at ten of the night looking weary and goes to his room and locks his bedroom door while my mother was sound of sleep and our father working and I in the living. My parents didn 't really notice him doing drugs and ditching until it was half his freshman year when the principal wanted a meeting with my parent telling them that he has to go to chavez because he was not only cough with weed on him but his grades are all F’s. He was able to graduate high school somehow his senior year he put effort his last year but now he all screw up with his mind. For examples he forgets literally anything anyone tells him and he forget what he supposed to do, forgets to lock the door of his car and the door of the house and became more rude and being hurtful with his words. Which I blame the drugs for this because those drugs he 's been taking his freshman year to his junior and maybe even now has damage his brain and does not function the same way as it use to and he 's not the same older brother as I
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