High School English Class Analysis

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Writing in my high school English classes never really came to tough to me. There was always a ton of time to work on each essay or prompt. I also had some very good teachers, which I am sure helped out tremendously. As for what the writing was actually about, we had many different options. Sure they were had specific length and grammar requirements on each paper, but we always had many different routes to take when it came to how we wrote. For example, during my junior year, we had a 6-8-page research paper on any topic we wanted. I, being the sports nerd I am, wrote about the complete history of the Cleveland Cavaliers! In addition to the writing coming easy for me, the time it took never seemed excessive. That is partly because I always started writing early and always split my writing into several days, to avoid procrastination and from overworking myself. Overall, I feel prepared to be able to…show more content…
The closest thing I can thin k of would be writing passages for a class I was taking in high school. At my school, we had a government class in which we had bi-weekly debates. We would split into small groups and discuss a political issue and write a small paper based on our stances. We would then read that aloud and try to sway our classmates into voting for our side. This required us to be very persuasive in our speech and text. I lost both of the debates I was in during that class, so would say my public speaking could use some improvement in these years of college ahead of me. Not only does it need improvement, I personly would like to see it improve. Over the last year, I have decided I want to take a role that involves a lot of leadership and the qualities that go with leadership. One of the biggest parts of leadership in my eyes is public speaking and the ability to convey my thoughts well in front of people. So I would certainly say I am excited by the prospect of public
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