High School: Everyone's Goal In Life

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High school. An institution that teaches and prepares students between the ages of 14-18 for the real world, or so it seems. High school. A place where some people are actually getting “high.” On what? That is not anyone’s place to say. High school. Four years of hell or heaven? Some may take this time to rethink their high school experience or their impending high school experience. To others, high school was nothing but a bump in the road. For others, it was or is their whole entire life. It is a place where you learn new assets about yourself, others, and the world. A place where you either challenge yourself or take the easy way out. Surviving high school is everyone’s goal in life, and these are the steps to take to succeed in that goal.…show more content…
By this time, the successful or nerdy kids will know their limit on school work and have challenged themselves quite enough and will move on from the institution. However, your goal is to stay in the institution forever. If you improved as a person, then you did the entire experience wrong. Relying your parents while also disrespecting them is a great start to forever living your high school experience. Even if you do graduate, you can still act like a high schooler. High school does not discriminate by age! It has too much other factors to discriminate, so you are the least of its worries. Thus, try to get a small part-time job that will finance your ambitions of drinking and taking drugs. High school is the greatest time of your life and so it is essential to live it as long as possible. All in all, high school is a place where students should not challenge themselves. Of course, everyone has a different high school experience depending on personal preference and the school itself. No matter what, this is the perfect guide to follow in fulling the experience. The goal is to only fulfill oneself in high school and not in any future endeavors. Life is too short on worrying about the real world. High school is the only world that matters. Good
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