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High School Fishing Club High schools offer extracurricular activities, clubs and sports for students to help them become involved in their school and develop team building and leadership skills. Some types of clubs offered by schools include Pep Club, SADD Club (Students Against Drunk Driving), Chess Club, and FFA (Future Farmers of America), just to name a few. More and more schools in the country are creating a fishing club. The question that arises is how long will it be until fishing clubs are offered at every school in the country? High schools should offer a fishing club because not all students enjoy athletic sports and fishing would help students improve their self-esteem by learning lifelong skills that help feed their families…show more content…
This is a relatively new program that is trying to get children excited about fishing. The Student Angler Federation is a great program that relates to school subjects to show how information that students learn in school can be used in everyday life, as well as showing how fishing can help sharpen those basic skills. SAF and TBF promote a healthier lifestyle by targeting the people that do not regularly go outside to help get them into the great outdoors and enjoy it. This group also helps with career choices by showing students all of the job options that could be fulfilled through fishing. A fishing club would be like any other after school club, monitored by either a faculty advisor or a parent advisor. The fishing club would also need to have its own club officers, and would hold regular meetings. It takes at least six members before you can register for a Student Angler Federation school fishing club. There is a 25.00 dollar a year per member registration fee and dues, which includes access to all of the member benefits. Some of the benefits include being able to compete in high school fishing tournaments where students can win scholarships, as well as securing discounts on purchases in the TBF websites store for members only. It is relatively easy to start a Student Angler Federation fishing club. A student can go online to the The Bass Federation web site and download the information to register a group.

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