High School Football Argumentative Essay

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For many years has football has been considered the utmost dangerous sport in high school, but recently many new studies have been made to prove the exact opposite. High school football gives money to the school and improves the school. In high school sports when a team wins the championship the school gets money that can be used towards hiring new teachers, providing scholarships for students, buying new books, and overall improving the school itself.
When a high school football team wins the championship the team's school gets $400,000 that can be spent on the school in many different forms. High school football gives school opportunities to improve an endless list of things at the school. Without this chance schools will get less equipment and a smaller budget for the school. Many new studies have shown that high school football is safer than what we hear on television and that in fact football is beneficial. Doctor Gregory Stewart at Tulane was quoted “There was no decline in their cognitive function based on the number of years that they participated in the sport. In fact, on one of the studies, their scores improved based on the number of years they had participated in football,”. Though there are accusations that football
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Players have to reach a certain grade point average to continue playing the game, this has made players motivated to keep up good grades or else there will be consequences. The athletes learn the “3 P’s” from football persistence, patience, and practice. Plays learn to work through difficult situations, learn to work hard and get rewarded, and sacrificing things like social time in order to practice and get somewhere later in life. Many participants of high school football come together to study or do homework, encouraging them to bond and have a good relationship with their
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