High School Football Dangerous

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Football is a very well-known sport that many people play for fun or as a career. It also gives out a lot of opportunities for students and that’s one of the reasons why it is so popular. Many people agree and disagree that it is a safe sport, with some players coming out unharmed and others being severally affected by it. Even though there is many different opinions about High School students playing football, the reality is that it is very dangerous for them because their bodies are still developing, it could cause them permanent damages and their brain could be very affected.

High School students are around the ages of 14 to 18, which means they are still in growth. Their bodies are still developing, some of them are growing muscles while others are growing taller, they’re all growing in different ways and their bodies are experiencing many different changes. Football players are required to have high levels of physical activity to improve their performance during the games. Older players have had more training and have prepared their bodies for a longer amount of time. As a matter of fact, in the article "How Dangerous Is High School Football?" by Nationwide Children 's Hospital, they quoted "High school football players sustained a greater proportion of season-ending injuries,
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Even though it makes sense, it is not something we know for sure, accidents happen all the time and there is no way to know that the players will be a 100% safe. For this reason, high schoolers shouldn 't risk themselves so much, an accident could happen at any time and they could have injuries that could affect the rest of their lives. In the article, "How Dangerous Is High School Football?" by Nationwide Children 's Hospital, they agreed that high school players have more risks by quoting, "High school players have greater proportions of the more severe
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