High School Football Game Analysis

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In the days when I was in high school and got the opportunity to play football, was one of the greatest periods of my high school career. Now I am in college and the closest thing I can do is watch the games. When playing the game you’re really focused and you also have an influence on how the game is progressed. In the stands you are also very focused just like on the field. The thing that is different about these two items is when you are watching you don’t have that control of the game and all you can do is sit there and watch and it kills you not to have that control.
When you are out there on the field you are focused on doing your job. Sitting in the stands focused on the game and hoping that they can pull off the win. The only thing you can do is sit there and watch. There is no more affecting the game with what you did or didn’t do wrong, and out on the field you are always worried what they are thinking in the stands when
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In the stands you are active because all you are doing is thinking. You are thinking what is going to happen on the next play. Your mind is constantly racing and nothing really matters except for the game of football. There is a big difference though when you are sitting in the stands eating popcorn and when you are actually running and burning calories.
Out on the field you have a good tackle and you get up and celebrate. In the stands you never feel that glory that you would on the field. You might stand up and cheer for your friends or family, but it’s never the same as on the field. That is one big difference that I have realized since I have been watching the games. You may feel a little glory when you kid scores a touchdown or has a big play, but it is usually never the amount you would get on the field. When the crowd is cheering because of what you accomplished it is one the greatest feelings in the world; that is a feeling that I will never get
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