High School Football Narrative

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My first year of high school soccer, my team and I won AAC for the Junior Varsity and Varsity. On Thursday, October 20, 2016 was our last game of the year. We had a great season so far, but if we won this game it would beat all. The soccer game was at the Howland Middle School soccer stadium. We played on a sunny day with the bleachers full of people. People brought water, food, and chairs for the game. The earthy fresh cut grass and clean fresh air made that day great, you just couldn 't ask for anything more. We wore our white uniforms. I do like to wear the orange uniform, but I had to wear the white ones. The crowd was so loud it was like a concert. When the crowd was cheering the energy coming from the stands made my team and I become more and more excited for the game. The ball walked onto the field. As we were warming up the music was blasting like a party was going on. I wanted to dance; however, I knew I needed to focus on the game. When the game started I went to left field, not right field. As the game was going on, my team and I were heading to the goal; it got further and further when I got closer. The game was about to end and our coach was telling us to keep up the defense and play more defensively. Since we were close to winning the game, I tried to do more passing and less shooting. One of my teammates said “Kameron pass it in”…show more content…
Our Varsity player, David was on fire, but our forwards had a hard time scoring because the other team’s defense a wall of people. But they pulled it off and we won. David scored a total of 26 goals in the season. This gave him the record for the most goals in a season for the Howland record books. We all got food and watched the game. The food was awesome; there were hot dogs, hamburgers, pepperoni rolls. The pepperoni roll was spicy and sweet. All of the food was warm and the drinks were cold. To end the night, our Varsity team won the game and also won
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