High School Football Team Report

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At the beginning of the season, the Bernice MacNaughton varsity boys soccer team nearly folded, but now, after the final game last weekend, the Highlanders are the AAA senior boys provincial champions and earned the school’s first Senior boys provincial banner. While working as a drivers-ed instructor, a student was talking about how his soccer team at MacNaughton did not have a coach to Blaine Dornan. “If you really need me, let me know” said Dornan to the student. Soon there after, he became MacNaughton’s varsity boys soccer coach. A short time afterwards, the coach received an email saying that the team would have to fold as there was not enough players to fill the roster. He responded with “just get the guys to go around and grab a half of a…show more content…
The game had no goals until overtime when the coach made a sub. The sub, Muse Daniels, ended up scoring the game winning goal a few minutes later. The coach says that “You should have seen the bench.” For many players, it was unbelievable that after all of the struggles at the start, that they would end up winning it all. According to player Daniel Im, “going from almost not having a team to winning the banner was pretty exciting.” The team was lead by captains Nic Jeffries and Andrew Morrison whom the coach said “brought the team together”. The captains always made sure that the team was following routine and doing the correct warm-up and stretching before coach Dornan was there. As a whole, the coach believes that “the boys should be recognized” for what they have achieved and how they were. According to Dornan, there was nothing but respect for him, the school and for each other coming from the highlander boys. AS a reward for the players, the coach is trying to start a draw for a free drivers ed course in order to raise money for team clothing. He anticipates that ticket prices with be 1 for $5 or 3 for
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