High School Goals

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Throughout my high school career I have many goals that I hope to achieve. Some gravitate around student government, others are more simple and related to getting good grades. I also have various extracurricular goals such as to start some sort of small scale farm , growing herbs like mint and lemongrass, and learning to weld. Most of my goals, however, will take time and a good deal of work to succeed in. I also hope that I will be able to do other things such as work for people and earn a good deal of money, maybe even save up for something cool like a car eventually. I believe quite firmly that I have the drive and ambition to get through high school with good grades and plenty of experience outside of school as well. When it comes to…show more content…
My agricultural goals such as growing an herb farm, showing a chicken at junior show, and learning how to weld could all be accomplished in a year or two. Growing herbs and showing a chicken could be done this year, but learning how to weld, at least well, would take longer. Working for people could be done continuously for my entire time in high school, and work isn’t hard to find around here. I would have no trouble saving up to buy a car. In general, my goals not involving school would be simple and not hard to achieve with a little bit of time and…show more content…
My goals are various, ranging from student council to honor role, and beyond. I have plenty of goals that aren 't school related, and these include starting a small herb farm, show animals at junior show, advance in the FFA, and learn to weld. I know and believe that these goals will require time, patience, hard work, and dedication if I want them to succeed. Even further, I hope I can work and save up money. I’d like to save up money so I could buy things that would be important, such as a car or some other good investments. When it comes down to it, I know that I have the ability, and the drive to use it that it takes to
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